Thank you!

To all the workshop participants,

Thank you for taking time from your busy work schedule to share your expertise at the Grainger CEME/IEEE Workshop – Technology Roadmap for Large Electrical Machines.  

We had a very productive meeting – progress in several enabling technologies were presented, key technology challenges were identified, and new collaborations among industry, government, and academia were initiated —all with the goal of helping to transform commercial aviation, primarily, and, secondarily, wind turbines and subsea oil and gas processing. We hope that you will be able to continue working toward this goal by participating in one or more of the six working groups: conventional machines, superconducting machines, materials, modeling tools, power electronics, and system integration. 

Presentations will be posted on the workshop website after the working group chairs have had a chance to clean up their charts and get any necessary approvals. We will send an email update when these are uploaded.

Find a list of participants and membership in working groups at

The working group chairs may arrange teleconferences/webinars, and find suitable forums to meet in person to continue to refine the roadmaps.  

Thank you again for your contribution!

Best regards,
Kiruba Haran,
Chair, Grainger CEME/IEEE Workshop on Technology Roadmap for Large Electrical Machines